Mr Kipling All Butter Mince Pie Review 2023

Review: There are some staples in the world of British food, Walkers Crisps, Heinz beans…and of course Mr Kiplings cakes. In Christmases gone by, the standard Mr Kipling mince pie has scored fairly reasonably with a handful of 7/10 to his name.

But, this year he’s done some a little special. A treat for all the mince pie fans out there…he’s released his best ever recipe. Ever the sceptic, I needed to try these to see if they’re just repackaged and pricey or genuinely a step beyond the 7/10 plateau.

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s good news. These are lovely mince pies. Almost a tart in format, these are wider but maybe shallower than a traditional Mr Kipling mince pie. The pastry is lovely and smooth rather than soft and has a little crumble around the top. The filling is really tasty with both sweet and tart flavours – a hint of brandy too I think. Due to the volume of pies I eat in December it’s rare I have more than one from a pack but I ate three of these. The fourth one is giving me the eye too now…awkward.

I think this could be a nice hybrid pie – good to eat out the pack but also could be good warmed with a spoon of clotted cream or custard.

Cost: 75p each (£3.00 for a 4 pack)


Overall rating: 8.9/10

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