ALDI Ballycastle Mince Pie Review 2023

Review: These mince pies from ALDI *might* split opinion – but if you like a sweeter mince pie and ‘Baileys’ then you could be in for a treat.

Sometimes a topped mince pie can be too sweet. A trick pony, something shiny that people pick up in the supermarket but can often disappoint.

Not this time. Not for me anyway.

These Ballycastle mince pies have a standard pastry case and mincemeat filling but they’re topped with Ballycastle infused buttercream. If you’re not an ALDI shopper I’d better explain that Ballycastle is their version of Baileys Irish Cream.

Now it does make this a sweet mince pie, no doubt. But as a dessert mince pie it’s really special. I also enjoyed them just as a standard snacking mince pie – but not everyone will. Super rich and creamy with that sweet and fruity hit of mincemeat (a healthy glug of brandy too). Very decadent.


Cost: 49p each (£2.49 for 6)

Overall rating: 9/10

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