Co-op Merry Mince Pie Review 2023

Review: Guess who’s back, back again…it’s this blog, tell a friend. Enough of the fanfares, down to business – but not before saying thanks to the countless people who’ve hassled, cajoled and guilted me into reviewing mince pies again for the 2023 season.

Co-op’s standard mince pie gets a funky makeover, well the box does at least. The mince pies inside look very standard, so the crazy colours and new name are just a trick to get you to put them in your already overflowing basket.

In years gone by the Co-op standard pie has faired badly, with 2019’s edition scoring a solid 0/10. This year things are looking better. The pastry is still a little too soft and not massively tasty. However, the mincemeat is nice and sweet and the pie is well filled too.

In all honesty this is about a standard a mince pie as you could get. Would do fine on your table this festive period, would get no complaints from Grandma but no one’s going to be singing their praises overly either.

Cost: 20.8p each (£1.25 for a box of 6)


Overall rating: 7/10

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