Aldi Holly Lane Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2021

Review: Amongst the many special deals and myriad toys and games in Aldi today, I spied their entry level mince pie. A very red, festive box…but what’s inside?

Well there’s 6 mince pies inside of course. Just a shame its *these* 6 mince pies.

They look quite nice with 3 stars on top, a crimped edge and a very light sugar sprinkle. However, that’s where any of the positives come to a screeching halt 🤦‍♂️

The pastry is quite thin and very soft verging on soggy. The mincemeat is a paste – no other way to describe it. The spices they’ve used aren’t adding much and if anything make them taste quite odd.

Do not like.

Cost: 13p each (79p for 6)


Overall rating: 3/10

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