Sainsbury’s Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2021

Sainsbury's Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2021

Review: Some of the standard mince pies have been good this year and with Sainsbury’s operating at the slightly higher end of the market, I had high(ish) hopes for these.

The box is a fairly standard Christmas affair with loads of red and a couple of baubles. The pies themselves have a Christmas tree and a sprinkle of sugar. And that’s where the good stuff ends.

The pastry doesn’t have a nice texture or flavour – quite anonymous really – and the bottoms are as close to soggy as you’ll get in a boxed pie. The crumble is acceptable though, even when they’ve been open a few days.

The mincemeat is quite stodgy and there’s little whole fruit – like it’s been blended to a paste almost. And what makes it worse is an overly aggressive helping of ginger, maybe to try to give these a richer spiced flavour. It hasn’t worked in my opinion…not a nice flavour at all.

What a shame Sainsbury’s. Let’s hope your Taste the Difference mince pies live up their name and taste *nothing like these*.

Cost: 17p each (£1 for a pack of 6)


Overall Rating: 4/10

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