Lyon’s Cakes Mince Pie Review 2020

Lyon's Cakes Mince Pie Review 2020


Overall rating: 8/10

Price per pie: 17p

Review: A first showing for Premier Foods’ ‘Lyons Cakes’ brand mince pies on Mince Pie Reviews. It’s a standard pie – no promises of the fancy stuff. No idea what to expect…

I’m pleasantly surprised. The box is a merry red and green and gives us a sneak peek at what the pie looks like. A ridge top affair with a sugar sprinkle, no star and no visible mincemeat. The box told me no lies about the pies – they look good too, neat and with little mincemeat bubble around the top of the pastry.

They’re around average on the bite-o-meter, not dry and crumbly but also not too soggy – very nice. The sugar on top gives a kick of sweetness and then the mincemeat follows up.

Similar to Co-op’s 2020 standard mince pie, this is a pie filled well. No gaping cavity where mincemeat should be – which probably helps keep the pastry from drying out too. You get a pleasant sweet and fruity flavour from the mincemeat, which for 17p per pie from a standard offering is well worth entertaining.

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