Co-op Shortcrust Mince Pie Review 2020

Co-op Shortcrust Mince Pie Review 2020


Overall Rating: 5/10

Price per pie: 31p

Review: The Co-op bakery mince pies have faired well in previous years – but those are the deep filled ones. These flatter ones don’t inspire tonnes of confidence – not sure how the ratio of pastry to filling will work?

And immediately it’s gone a bit wrong. The pastry overpowers the whole thing. It’s got a nice taste to it, and a generous sprinkle of sugar on top – but the ratio is way out. It’s such a shallow mince pie that it never really had a chance…bless it.

The mincemeat is reasonable but nothing to write home about – nothing special advertised though either. I think 5/10 is fair enough – it doesn’t taste too far wrong, it’s just too dry.

Still looking forward to the deep filled Co-op bakery mince pies though

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