Co-op Mince Pie Review 2020

Co-op Mince Pie Review 2020


Overall rating: 8/10

Price per pie: 17p

Review: A standard mince pie from Co-op….we’ve been here before. The last mince pie I reviewed in 2019 was Co-op’s standard mince pie. I needn’t remind regular readers what happened there, but for the new or uninitiated – it was an *abomination*.

Surely this year they’ve sorted it out, heeded the warnings – created something edible for a start?

Phew. You can breath, it’s fine. In fact it’s better than fine, much much better. This is a great standard mince pie.

The box doesn’t promise any extravagantly named fruits or rich liquors, and whilst that’s clear upon tasting – this pie does deliver on flavour and quality of bake.

The pastry has a nice taste to it and is both a good texture and an acceptable thickness. Maybe the tiniest bit on the soft side, but not so to cause any structural issues.

The mincemeat is tasty and is surely the star of this show. The fill certainly helps with that – it’s right to the top, full to the brim with mincemeat. It’s not that anonymous brown sludge you get in some standard mince pies either. It’s sweet tasty – even sans fancy fruits & liquors.

All considered, I’m astounded this has followed the shocking 0/10 mince pie from 2019, it’s really head and shoulders above. This is sure to be a quality addition to the table during the festive period – where or not we get to share them with anyone is yet to be seen…

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