Sainsbury’s Free From (Gluten Free) Mince Pie Review 2019

Sainsbury's Free From (Gluten Free) Mince Pie Review 2019


Overall rating: 6/10

Review: The best gluten free vegan mince pie I’ve ever eaten…but also my first!

I’ve had many requests to review some gluten free and vegan mince pie options. Done it in one here!

I’ve reviewed this as a mince pie – no preferential treatment for the GF or V.

Interesting to note that most mincemeat on the market is already gluten free and vegan. If there’s brandy added then that can complicate matters as some aren’t vegan. Keep your eyes peeled vegan folks.

Onto this mince pie…I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be a tasteless, squishy mess. I was wrong.

The pastry is a decent consistency but is let down by having a bit of a grainy after taste and texture. There’s a very clear spiced flavour to the whole pie which is potentially in there to make up for the lack of flavour from the butter etc in the pastry. It’s actually a little overpowering.

The mincemeat is good and juicy, pretty decent actually. Very happy with that, some nice whole fruits in there.

All in all this isn’t one of the best mince pies I’ve had this year….but it’s the best gluten free vegan one. One to try if you’re looking for GF/V options.

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