Marks & Spencer Collection Mince Pie Review 2019

Marks & Spencer Collection Mince Pie Review 2019


Overall rating: 8/10

Review: Look at that box! These are some fancy mince pies. M&S know how to do food so I’m excited about trying these…

The pie is quite large, it doesn’t taper towards the bottom like most do. The top is as fancy as the box, with an intricate star motif and icing sugar to finish. On first bite I think it’s a bit soft – not too soft but not perfect either.

The filling is the star of the show here, full of delightful fruit and a glug of cognac. But the overriding flavour is orange from the clementine advertised on the box. Glad to see a mince pie tasting like it’s advertised for once, but the orange maybe causes the spice and fruit of the mincemeat to fade a little too far into the background.

Still a very good mince pie M&S, happy to have these at the table over Christmas.

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