Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2020

Overall rating: 3/10

Price per pie: 25p

Review: The box hasn’t changed since last year, and the Good Housekeeping Institute approval sticker is still proudly displayed. Last time I rated these 7/10 and thought they were fairly standard but ok.

Oh dear. Things have taken a turn for the worst.

These mince pies could accurately be described as miserable to look at. No sugar on top, the pastry looks haphazard – quite unusual from the pie experts. I mean, just look at the state of them…

But maybe the taste will save them? Hmm, not much better there I’m afraid. The pastry is dry and dense, leaving a fairly miserable taste in tbe mouth. The mincemeat is so nondescript that it can’t make up for the poor pastry.

I’m shocked that Mr Kipling have put such a substandard 3/10 pie in the exact same box as last year – when the pie scored 7/10. Taken a cheaper route this year maybe? Anyway, steer clear folks – you can get better for less. Lyons and Aldi both have better standard mince pies.

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  1. I came browsing for reviews because I opened a box today and they were absolutely dreadful. Exactly how you described them. The pastry lacked flavour and was dry, so thick and overwhelming. The mince was swamped with pastry you could barely taste the flavours. I’m not going to finished the box off, I’m going to distribute them to my neighbours. I threw half of a pie away.

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