Morrisons ‘The Best’ All Butter Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2020

Morrisons 'The Best' All Butter Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2020


Overall rating: 8/10

Price per pie: 33p

Review: A first showing for the Morrisons The Best mince pie range. Who knows what to expect? Let’s hope for “the best” and crack open a box…

First impressions are good, the box looks great and the top of the pies are really festive. Good start.

Before I’ve even bitten into any pasty I’ve spotted a potential issue. That pastry looks thick. However it’s not actually as bad as it looks. It has a pleasant biscuity taste to it. Phew.

It is a bit crumbly though, which will cause some structural issues for those that like a one handed eat – see photo evidence below.

Next, the mincemeat. It’s good too – and despite the near pointless promise of “vine” fruits (I think you’d be hard pressed to make them any other way), the addition of brandy, cider and spices really shines through. Some of the tastiest mincemeat of the year so far.

A nice surprise then from a slightly pricier pie. An 8/10 is fair I think, a slightly tidier and thinner pastry would’ve been nice I think. Good effort though Morrisons, I think this will be close to the top this year.

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