Tesco Butter Enriched Pastry Mince Pie Review 2020

Tesco Butter Enriched Pastry Mince Pie Review 2020


Well here we are….closing in on Christmas 2020. Things aren’t going *quite* to plan are they… I questioned whether to even do this again, considering how we’ll all be sat apart on Christmas day, saddened by the global pandemic, the lockdowns, the masks, the tests, the deaths and the bloody god damn misery of it all.

But some things must go on. Bin collections, the school run, government cockups, the big shop – and, it seems, lumped in with those fine institutions is the annual reviewing of UK mince pies. Who knew?

So it falls to Tesco, that bastion of British supermarkets, to offer up the first pie. It’s their standard, their bread and butter. Let’s get to it…

Overall rating: 4/10

Price per pie: ~31p

Review: I didn’t expect a superstar performance here, they’ve not faired well in previous years but they’ve certainly not been that awful.

The box promises a “butter enriched pastry”, but to be honest he pastry doesn’t have a very nice taste to it at all, and its claggy – damp almost. The mincemeat is neither sweet, spiced nor very fruity which is shame.

Not sure how they’ve managed that.

I mean just look at it…have you seen a sadder looking mince pie? Poor thing.

This is the sort of mince pie that’s put out in great numbers at large scale catering events, it’s cheap but barely cheerful. The sugar on top and the nice star are the only saving graces really.

Describing this as the “2020” of mince pies would be overly harsh…so maybe it’s the “August 2020” of mince pies.

If you think that’s unfair, maybe grab a pack and let me know what you reckon ‍♂️

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