Co-op Irresistible Butter-Enriched Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2019

Overall rating: 9/10

Review: The winner from 2017 returns triumphantly. Another great mince pie from Co-op.

The biscuity pastry is sweet and crumbly – but not too crumbly. Inside this towering beast of a mince pie is a lovely, rich, fruity and spiced mincemeat. A great mix of actual whole fruits and mincemeat paste. A generous filling too – not quite to the top, which is a good thing because it’s a big eat already! This one has brandy & port but not in huge amounts, just enough to give it hint. A sprinkling of coarse sugar on top finishes this pie off perfectly. These only come in packs of two, but get a few in for Christmas as they’re sure to be somewhere close to the best of the best in 2019.

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