Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2019

Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2019


Overall rating: 7/10

Review: Oh ohh. Here comes Mr Big Shot! It’s the deep filled pie from Mr Kipling – with a Good Housekeeping Institute taste award on the box no less…

I’m not sure who’s on the Good Housekeeping Institute mince pie tasting panel (you just have to ask guys, I’ll help) but this pie is just a bit better than standard. A 7 is a good score and I’d be happy to have these as a festive workhorse – being them out when you have guests in bulk. Keep the fancy stuff back for yourself.

The pastry is very slightly on the soft side, but the mincemeat is nice with some nice full fruit and bite. It’s not particularly memorable but there’s nothing terrible either. You wont go far wrong with a Mr Kipling pie – they’ve been making them for long enough I suppose.

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