ASDA Mince Pie Filled Cookie Review 2019

ASDA Mince Pie Filled Cookie Review 2019


Overall rating: 8.5/10

Review: These filled cookies from ASDA are the first non-mince pie, mince pie items I’ve come across this year. They’re good.

Last year we had popcorn, cocktails, cream and all sorts – this year the mince pie flavoured stuff has been hard to come by. Not sure why.

I’m a fan of anyone having a go at making an unusual item that tastes of mince pies. Sometimes they taste good and other times they’re just vaguely cinnamon and fruit. These cookies have a good punch of ginger and cinnamon in the dough, then the mince pie flavour comes from a good dollop of mincemeat underneath the dough in the centre of each cookie. They taste nice, the cookie is soft and the mincemeat is a good mix of fruits. They’re quite sweet but for a quick mince pie flavour fix they’ll do for me. Nice work.

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