ASDA Extra Special Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2019

ASDA Extra Special Deep Filled Mince Pie Review 2019


Overall rating: 8.5/10

Review: Last year’s winner here. Big boots to fill. I’m excited!

I’m disappointed. Damn it. But there’s no doubt these are still a very good mince pie.

ASDA, like many of the big supermarkets, still run with a selection of factory made boxes pies – and a smaller selection of bakery pies. This is the deep filled version from the bakery and so mileage may vary (dependent on the staff, even I guess). The pastry on these is very slightly too pale for my liking – but that’s a really minor point. The filling is a little short – both on amount and taste – but certainly better than most standard factory boxes pies.

Hard to say where they would’ve ended up on the scale if they had been in the oven a little longer with a little more (and sharper) filling…as it stands I think 8.5/10 is fair. They’re a big eat too – so that always helps.


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