Mr Kipling Mince Pie Review

Mr Kipling Mince Pie Review


Overall Rating: 7/10

Mr Kipling. The master of cakes and baking for what seems like forever. But, what are his mince pies like this year?

Pretty good actually. You expect a decent product from Mr K and he delivers, the overall experience is very pleasant. But, with that praise comes a slight tinge of criticism. I think he’s played it safe. The rest of the year he’s got the small cake and pie market pretty sewn up. He doesn’t need to fight tooth and nail for a slice of thispie (of the mince variety). So what does he do? Puts out a pie that pleases but doesn’t wow. Safe.

The pastry may be slightly on the dry and crumbly side and the mincemeat filling is a couple of degrees to ‘paste-like’. I think there’s some ‘blended mincemeat plus some whole fruits going on. It’s not very spiced or sweet but the flavour it does have is nice.

Decent sprinkle of sugar on the top and you have a solid 7/10 mince pie. Won’t disappoint, but if you want some ‘mmmmm’ at the table plump for one of the others.