Tesco Finest All Butter Deep Filled Cognac Mince Pie Review


Overall Rating: 8.5

The last few times out Tesco’s ‘Finest’ range mince pies have been top notch. The class of 2017 is a cracker too…

A nice design on top giving you a lovely Christmas feeling before you’ve even sunk your teeth currant-deep into the pie. The sugar sprinkle on top is text book – as if they’ve been reading the past reviews!

The only small negative is the bottom of the mince pie – the crust has become a little soggy and there’s a real risk of ‘mincemeat loss’ if it collapses. That would be a real shame as the mincemeat is great – really fruity and full, with a hint of the Courvoisier Brand Cognac too.

This mince pie just shows how important it is for all the elements to be perfect in their own way – a ‘perfect’ mincemeat on its own is too ‘juicy’ for the perfect pastry. So you either need a slightly thicker or drier pastry, or a slightly less juicy mincemeat. #mincepieproblems

A mighty effort from Tesco – but, can it beat their standard pie? That’s up next so keep your eyes peeled…