Co-op Old Fashioned Clementine Flavour Buttercream Mince Pie Review 2020

Overall rating: 8/10

Price per pie: 50p

Review: Any fans of the bourbon-based Old Fashioned cocktail? I hope so, because Co-op have plonked all those flavours into a mince pie.

These fall firmly into the fancy category – I mean just look at the little beauties, like a work of art.

Quite a shallow pie but that adds to the fancieness somehow. The pastry is biscuity and sweet and the mincemeat is really rich thanks to a good glug of bourbon and orange flavour.

The star of the show is the little bit of buttercream and the caramelised orange on top. If you get a mouthful with all the elements this is a top quality mince pie. Really lovely. But, there’s only a small amount of the buttecream and orange which means you only get maybe one ‘perfect’ bite.

Very impressive and I think a genuinely unique mince pie flavour too.

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