ASDA Shallow Fill Bakery Mince Pie Review 2019

Overall rating: 2/10

Review: Oh dear. I’m not sure how these can come from the same bakery as the 8.5/10 deep filled mince pies?

Shallow filled pies aren’t my favourite anyway, I mean having less filling and more pastry surely can’t be good! But these have somehow ended up greasy. The pastry is unpleasant. The filling isn’t the same as in the deep filled pie either, which is a mystery.

Very little flavour, a claggy, greasy pastry – one to avoid no matter how cheap they might seem.

Sorry ASDA…

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  1. I completely disagree actually.
    being a mince pie snob, the fillings in these are lovely however they are not consistent so I think you may have had a bad batch.

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