Aldi Specially Selected All Butter Classic Mince Pie Review 2019

Overall Rating: 6/10

Review: Aldi have had a mixed showing the last few years. They tend to release a raft of mince pies of all types – and the specially selected range usually score well. However, this is a classic mince pie from that range and whilst it’s nice to look at – it’s disappointingly bland.

The pastry is a little dry and flavourless – quite crumbly. The filling isn’t coarse enough, it’s more paste than mincemeat. It needs more fruit to give it a better taste and texture. The brandy advertised on the box needs to be added next time too, must’ve got a dodgy batch without any 🤷‍♂️

All in all this is a very standard mince pie – not terrible but certainly nothing to shout about.

Onto the next one!

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