Tesco Finest Deep Filled Mince Pie with Courvoisier Cognac

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Review: There must only be a few places in the UK that supply nationwide food retailers with mince pies – and I wonder if Aldi and Tesco have switched suppliers this year? This cognac laced, deep filled finest mince pie is really good – let down only slightly by pastry that could be a tiny bit crumblier – a touch on the soft side. Last year Aldi’s specially selected pie was one of the top picks – and Tesco have managed to leapfrog them with a very solid 8.5/10 for this pie. You can definitely get a nice hit of the VS cognac and the mincemeat tastes expensive too. It looks nice and festive and I’m sure guests would be suitably impressed if you served these up over the Christmas period. I expect these to be the pick of the Tesco pies this year.


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