Lidl Favorina Mince Pie Review 2018

Overall rating: 8/10

Review: Lidl is coming on strong in 2018 and their standard mince pie is a great little offering. So much value here too – it’s a pack of 12, not 6!

Nice shortcrust pasty on this one, sweet and just a nice bit of crumble. The mincemeat is really nice too – may be very slightly too ‘wet’ bit it has a lovely taste and plenty of fruit.

If you’re looking for a ‘volume’ pie – if you maybe have a load of visitors due over the Xmas period – then this is a great option. Bravo Lidl.



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  1. I would rate Lidl’s Favorina mince pies only 5 out of 10. It gets the deduction for soggy crust, too brown/ almost burned crust, too minced mince. Our family was not impressed. Only the price made up for it.

  2. These are great ‘value’ mince pies yeah you can sometimes get 12 for £1.50 or 2 x 6 packs for £1.50 but they’re usually terrible these are decent bog standard mince pie.

  3. The four pack of favorina mince pies are the best I’ve ever eaten .l eat them all year round and have tried them from various supermarkets and none come up to that of favorina
    Nice crispy pastry and a beautiful tasting filling .Brian Wilson

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