Lidl Deluxe Luxury Mince Pie Review 2018

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Review: Blimey. This is a cracker.

Remember the Co-op 10/10 from 2017? This is the closest I’ve found in 2018. Surprised to find it at Lidl to be honest – the box hides the delights inside, that could be improved for next year TBH (but it doesn’t matter at all on the taste front).

They’ve got a lovely pastry – solid enough to hold but still a great crumble, nicely sweet too. This has been the downfall of so many this year so far.

Mincemeat is great as well – it’s full of spiced fruit – not too wet, not too dry – and nicely tinged with cognac that makes itself known, but doesn’t overpower. Overall it’s sweet and fruity with a near-perfect pastry. It’ll take some beating.

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  1. These truly were the best mince pies Ive ever had .. quite an achievement ..Everything about them was perfection ..the pastry, just the right texture without clogging around your mouth and gums, filled to the brim, no airy gaps between filling and the lids, (as in the Mr K ) and the filling was just right not too sweet and sickly and you could get the hint of cognac. I just loved them, the only thing was when I went to get 4 boxes just a few days before xmas they had sold out !!
    Wish they would make them all year round.

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