Co-op Irresistible Brandy Buttercream Mince Pie Review 2018

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Review: An enticing looking mince pie, with a nice brandy buttercream topping – this Co-op ‘fancy pie’ is actually decent. The mincemeat filling it a little on the drier, coarser side but not at all unpleasant. In fact it maybe feels a little more upmarket as a result – you can feel the bits of fruit and nut, all very tasty. The brandy buttercream that draws you in is nice as well – a definite hint of brandy but not too much. Last year the pastry on a few of the Co-op mince pies let them down but this one is very good – the crumble you want and a little bit of sweetness too. However, the added buttercream does make the whole thing a little sweet but I think 7.5/10 is a fair score. Within the ‘fancy pie’ range I think this could be one of the top scorers this year – they do sometimes look better than they taste!

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  1. Really really lovely, I’ve ate so many and i’ve got everyone I know hooked on them, now there’s none left every time I go there. Come on Co-op keep up with demand,,,,Mmmm…Yummy

  2. Finally got my hands on some of these recently, and they were nice, but the Asda buttercream ones have a bit more mincemeat which make them that bit better. They’re worth a try; interested to know your thoughts!

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